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Price list Koh Phangan From on  
* Koh Phangan additional to the hourly fee per day 3.000 THB
Escorts to government bodies / police 1.500 THB / Hour
Escorts to business meetings 2.000 THB / Hour
Consultations 1.000 THB / Hour
Simultaneous Interpretations 1.200 THB / Hour
Night time service additional 1.400 THB / Hour
Documents, brochures, letters etc. / page min. 1.400 THB
Expatriation (Koh Samui in the office only.) 2,000 THB/Hour
Mediation 1.700 THB / Hour
  • Administration fee criminal case:                      
1,500.00 THB
  • Transfer per appointment, Koh Samui     
  500.00 THB
  • Government institutions     
  1,500.00 THB/Hour
Probate/Director of assets
Fee minimum 15% of the inheritance sum, before deduction of any occurring fees.
* Please note the administration fee for criminal cases 1.500 Thai Baht per case.
* Please note the administration fee for civil cases 2.500 Thai Baht per case.

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