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Simultaneous Interpretation Escorts

Court hearings
I offer you the opportunity to get direct interpretations at court hearings for all criminal and civil cases up to appeal and supreme court.

Police stations
I escort you to file reports, or to questionings from crime investigators.

Lawyer consultations
Get your point across and fully understand the legal procedures in your case.

District or Land office
My escorts to the local government bodies will pave the way for quick and easy access to the required documents, and service with a smile from the government officials in charge.

Business meetings
Multilingual escorts to your business meetings guarantee, that you do not accidentally offend your partners , which will be disastrous for your enterprise. The value of face cannot be underestimated when dealing with Asians, Thais in particular.

Hospital and Doctor visits
Experienced in dealing with conflict situations, I will be able to assist you in a crisis, explain the medical conditions, and translate the medical report for your insurance.

Private appointments
I'm happy to attend all meetings in need of a simultaneous interpreter.

Translation Center

Translation service
Is available for all documents, concepts, brochures, letters and all other written matter.