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Liz LuxenOriginally from Düsseldorf, Germany, I immigrated to Thailand in 1990 where I was employed in the dive industry. As a certified Master Scuba Diver Trainer I have great personal skills that include team leadership qualities.

Picking up the local Thai language very fast, I tremendously enjoyed the new world of Thai customs and traditions. I totally fell in love with Thailand so I made the effort to speak, read and write Thai fluently.

I enjoyed working as a translator and interpreter for a foreign insurance department employed by an international Hospital on Koh Samui.

By personally dealing with accidents and death, I greatly enhanced my knowledge of Thai.                         I know all the medical terms and can fully explain a diagnosis to patients, their relatives, insurance companies and physicians back home. Plenty of motorcycle accidents helped me befriend police officers on a daily basis. I translated police reports and acted as an interpreter at interrogations regularly.

Later on, I was asked by local lawyers, police and prosecutors to attend and simultaneously interpret at meetings and court hearings. I successfully dealt with translating charges, verdicts and other documents in various criminal cases. I personally have attended as a consecutive Interpreter many criminal cases too, and do working by now 15 years in this field.

In addition to my multilingual abilities, I have excellent communication skills. I always maintain a mature, gracious and professional manner when negotiating with people, even when difficulties arise. In fact I hold a Specialty from the University of Irvine in California/USA with the topic of Conflict Management/Mediation. These very special characteristics are the reason why in 2005, I decided to offerinterpretation and translation services on Koh Samui with a new strategy.

A proactive, flexible and creative approach is in high demand due to the variety of cases here in Thailand. The wide ranges of scenarios make unconventional action necessary for everyone who wants to be successful. I am in constant contact with the Embassies and the Lawyers of my clients. I regularly update the case managers with reports of all the events. Partners, family members and friends are welcome to contact me anytime. I believe strong social ties are very important for people in Hospital, in Prison or during Court proceedings in a foreign country far from home. Please keep in mind that I offer a special service for which I am the sole provider!!


I have Thai citizenship and possess excellent knowledge of Thai culture and my inside accesses to the local authorities and Embassies makes me your perfect choice. Constantly striving to improve my skills I have passed the Thai A-Level Exams and have enrolled into the Bachelor of Law program at Sukhothai University.

For my clients, I am easily within reach 24 hours per day, 7 days per week over my hotline. I will handle each case professionally and I will personally accompany my clients and do whatever is necessary because I care.

Samanan Damdee, Owner of Liz Luxen
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