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Interpretations & Translations

Medical Report TranslationHospital and Doctor visits Experienced in dealing with conflict situations, I will be able to assist you in a crisis, explain the medical conditions, and translate the medical report for your insurance.

Land office EscortDistrict or Land office
My escorts to the local government bodies will pave the way for quick and easy access to the required documents and services from the government officials.

Lawyer consulationsLawyer consultations
Get your point across and fully understand the legal procedures in your case.
Private interpreterPrivate appointments
I'm happy to attend all meetings where an interpreter is needed or desired.
Interpretations at courtCourt hearings
I offer you the opportunity to get direct interpretations at court hearings for all criminal and civil cases up to the appeal and supreme court.
Police EscortPolice stations
I escort you to the police station to file reports or to help you
during an interrogation by police officers.
Translation service

Translation service
Is available for all documents, concepts, brochures, letters and all other written materials.

Business meetingBusiness meetings
Multilingual escorts to your business meetings guarantee that you do not accidentally offend your partners which would be disastrous for your enterprise. The value of face cannot be underestimated when dealing with Asians; especially Thais.

Immigration consultations Expatriation
As the Author of the book 'Successfully Expatriating - Thailand' (ISBN No.: 9783844834963) which was published in 2012 in German language, I surely assist you in any regards when it comes to questions regarding moving abroad. My long time experience in the Kingdom and knowledge of Thai language make me an expert in this field.

Thai Funeral arrangementsFuneral arrangements
You can either plan your own service in advance or have a funeral arranged for the ones you care for.

Under the brand name “Samui Funeral Service” I’ll assist you with the organisation and logistics
of local cremations within Thailand. Franchises under my supervision guarantee nationwide service.
Click on the link to be transferred to the website: www.samuifunerals.com

Counselling for Intercultural couplesCounselling for Intercultural couples
Gives you the opportunity to discuss private matters with your Thai partner with an optimum level of understanding through productive
Background check upsMediation
I accompany clients to mediation at any of the Royal Thai Courts nationwide, and travel to Koh Phangan or Koh Tao to attempt to recover passports and other personal items. I can also assist in settling outstanding bills during times of dispute. In fact I hold a Specialty from the University of Irvine in California/USA with the topic of Conflict Management/Mediation.
Criminal cases servicesLawyer appointments
I’m able to offer you my assistance if you are in need of a lawyer due to the fact that I work with various attorneys who all well known specialists in their field. I can help you with all criminal and civil cases, bail service, dept collecting, company registrations, contracts and legal advice.
Real Estate ConsultationsProbate/Executor
In cooperation with a Lawyer certified by the Thai Bar Association and with your power of attorney I obtain all documents needed for probate to be established by the Thai Court. Any assets held in Thailand can then legitimately pass to your heirs as directed in your will.

I will establish the amount of bail or put a bail petition forward at the local Police Station or the Provincial Court having jurisdiction. If bail is granted, the sum will be provided by the client. Bail applications can take around 2 working days to action.

Properties for SaleAs an Executor of Wills, I have estates for sale on behalf of the heirs. At any given time I can provide real estate as in plots of land, plots with Villas or Condominiums. I’m furthermore able to assist with Due Diligence, incorporating Companies, arranging for long term leases or usufruct.

Jail visitsPrison visits
On request I will take care of your family members or friends in prison.


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